Monday, May 26, 2008

Hand-Scrawled Notes From My Past: Item 2

Item: One page of a presumably 3-page letter from Gary, recently relocated to Northern California against his will. poor baby. But your cool. Who the fuck is the cool conversation with, HUH? Skatings been banned from what park? Tell Chris he's a fag I haven't gotten a letter from him yet. Well anyways about me I'm a loser man. I haven't really made friends with anybody yet, except for these skater girls but we're not really friends we just kind of talk actually it's not talk first it's--

One of them: Do you skate?

Me: Yes.

Then it's--

Them: You should shave your head (and) Mister Skater (and) I have a Pearl Jam shirt just like that.

Me: So?

Them: You should shave your head.

Neat, HUH? My Life Sucks, I'm a loner at school. Man you know how hard it is to figuer out whose skaters here--well, it's not real hard or anything but there's a lot of people dressed like skaters wearing airwalks, etnies or vans. Oh I have a really cool health teacher. Yes he's really cool no I'm not kidding YES I AM. But he said LARDASS in class. Man I can't wait 'till this summer so I can come up and see ya's.

Approximate date: mid-1995.
Author: Gary, middle school friend and soon-to-be dad!
Paper: college-ruled paper torn out of spiral notebook. Written in small Sharpie but page number (2) written with orange colored pencil.
Context: Well, we skated a lot. Henry and Gary and I. And dude was almost literally torn from Florence more than once, basically kicking and screaming. The second time we were going to pretend we didn't know where he was so he could wind up living with us and stay in Florence instead of going back to Sacramento. But his parents found him and it was an awful scene. Really awful. For a while Hank and I thought he'd wind up dead. But I'm happy to report he's doing a lot better now.

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