Friday, May 9, 2008

Hand-Scrawled Notes From My Past: Item 1

Item: A hand-drawn cartoon of me with the words "Where's the Love!" in a bubble above my head.

In the cartoon I'm wearing a Cherry Poppin Daddies t-shirt, my hair remains uncolored (indicating that it was bleached at the time), a scraggly goatee sits on my chin and my pants are far too baggy.

Various notes around the image read: "Just squeeze his belly and he sings," "He's just crazy" and "Hanson Lover."

The text below the cartoon reads "Yes, it's Casey! The new and impoved (sic) portable friend! He sings, he skanks (oh god how embarassing), he skates, and he's full of memorable quotes! Such as 'Well saudimize (sic) me with the handle of a toilet plunger sticking it back in my mouth busting out my front teeth!' Only $4.99."

Approximate date: late 1997
Author: High school girlfriend #2
Paper: college-ruled notebook.
Context: The "memorable quote" was something I'd tried to make into a catch phrase akin to "Well, chap my hide" or "Well, blow me down!" It was based around the case of Abner Louima, the NYC immigrant who was brutally beaten and raped by New York City cops. Not funny at all, and I specifically remember being outraged. But even then I was crass.

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