Monday, April 14, 2008

When You Let Your Mind Wander...

...where does it go? That's the question I swear I'm going to ask everyone I interview from now on. Like this guy, who, coincidentally, the PSU Vanguard already wrote about:

But anyway, I just wanna know. Mine goes to black holes and overpopulation and the list of things I'm dreading. Right now I'm in a cafe off Stark and 79th, and the fear has definitely set in. The Morals are about to play the same two songs three or four times each for a video blog co-run by our friend James. The people at this coffee shop are curious, they don't know what's going on. But they will pretty soon, and I have terrible stage fright when I think that I'm being a nuisance. I feel like we're a nuisance here. Playing the same songs over and over is going to be like pulling teeth. It was hard enough to run through them. Now we gotta go for real. Wish us luck. I'll post it when we get it.

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Emily Cable said...

When I let my mind wander I think about if I went missing, who would the authorities contact to figure out what I was last seen wearing. How would they know who saw me last. I live by myself and change outfits a lot, so sometimes no one would know what I was last wearing when I went missing. I also think about starting a OMD cover band called The OMGs. We would wear bubblegum pink, drink Zimas and all of our onstage banter would have to be in 150 characters or less. I also think about how I wish I slept better.